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While Galaxy's Deadliest may be a recently formed guild we plan to bring to the table the skills of every member in the guild (anything from being an artist to someone who likes making YouTube videos and everything in between. All members of the guild are expected to follow guild rules and rules of the game as defined by Bioware, Lucasarts, and EA in order to keep a positive track record for being a reliable and rule-abiding guild in the community. We are FAMILY FRIENDLY and put our members first in the guild, but we also realize real life is the ultimate first, of course.

In preparation for Star Wars: The Old Republic, we are seeking to add members to our ranks with talented, experienced players with a track record of excellence in both PVE and PVP functions.

About Us
We are actively searching for fellow guildies for our Republic Guild. We are looking for members who would like to enjoy leveling up at a moderate pace, helping each other and hanging out with friends but also focus on Endgame Content and possibly PvP. We are recruiting all classes so if you would like to be in a great guild, apply with us!

I see this as an opportunity to start something not only fun, but something guided by means of credibility, social events and develop our own storyline. This guild was made in my vision of friends to come together and enjoy an amazing game!

What Kind of Player are you?

Familiar to MMO's? Novice or beginner players? It matters not as long as you have a positive outlook and happen to be open to new and creative ideas! The selection process for members only requires that people are friendly, responsible, and have a mindset that allows them to work with and communicate with other guild members and be responsible and productive members. Dependability is important to maintaining a good guild and as such, it should be an important focus that players are serious about a commitment.

Let us know what kind of player you are! PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplay, Etc!


1. No Cheating

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for cheaters; third party programs and in-game exploits will not be tolerated and result in an automatic ban from the guild. Anybody who hides this information or shares it with others, or is aware of others who are doing it will also be banned from the guild.

2. No Trash Talking

In part of being a good player and a fair sport, trash talking to other guilds, other players, or mods will not be permitted by any means. This will result in being banned from the guild due to poor sportsmanship. Drama is also a part of this. No drama is permitted in the guild at any time.

3. Activity or Contribution

If you join a guild, why not participate? Do something and have fun! It's not meant to be a wicked dictatorship, we just want to hang out with fellow Star Wars nerds!

4. Raidcall (Voice Chat)

This is a great way to communicate and keeps your keyboard free of clutter and happens in real time! Why not share your game experiences with us and have fun? We'd love to talk with you! Most importantly... HAVE FUN WITH GUILDIES!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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